Best Materials

As a leading dental practice, The Smile Team chooses all our dental materials carefully based upon safety and quality.  We only use well researched quality materials that are rated highly in independent testing.

Getting excellent long term results is important to us.  The type of anaesthetic, dental adhesive, restoration material, and implant components are just some of the types of dental products that are important for quality results.

The products we use in patient care are from the most reputable dental companies in the world.  Long before these products reach you, they have undergone heavy research and quality assurance. 

Before their final selection for use at The Smile Team, we compare the top dental products further against each other with the help of independent testing reports.  Only the products that are the best in their categories are used by The Smile Team.

The Smile Team is proud to use quality products for your care, some of the companies include;

3M Espe Restorative dentistry products 

Colgate Preventive products


GC Restorative dentistry products 


Oral B Preventive products


Straumann Implant dentistry products


Zoom Whitening products


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