Experienced dentists

The dentist taking care of your health at The Smile Team will be someone with experience.  

Each dentist at The Smile Team has had many years of full time dental treatment experience, including our principal dentists who each have had more than a decade of clinical treatment experience.  

This means that before helping you, our dentists have already achieved great results restoring thousands of fillings, placing hundreds of crowns.  

Experience is a key component to obtaining the best health outcome. 

It benefits your dental care greatly in terms of;

  • Identifying changes in your oral health before they become a problem.
  • Making the right diagnosis for whether or not dental treatment is required.
  • Making the right choice for what type of dental treatment is best.
  • Keeping you comfortable during dental treatment.
  • Minimising complications during and dental treatment.
  • Getting the best long term result to minimise future dental treatment.


The Smile Team Balwyn North dentists are not only up to date with the latest modern dental treatment and techniques, we are especially pleased to be able to share our years of experience with you and your family.

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