The Smile Team - Fair Fee Policy

Just as hotels and flight fees vary between companies, different dental practices will charge different fees.  Our fees at The Smile Team are based upon the quality of treatment and the level of customer service provided. 

In dentistry the variation in business fees is based upon many factors including; the years of experience the treatment provider has, the level of training and continuing training the entire team undertakes, the time that is allocated to each treatment procedure, the customer service and facilities that are present, the follow up post treatment care, the quality of the materials used during the treatment, the protocols and steps present to meet or exceed infection control ADA guidelines and Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency. 

The Smile Team is dedicated to the following

1.  To ensure value for money dental care for our patients
We have been looking after the community for over 30 years and we endeavour to look after our patients well in terms of setting great value for money fee for service to build trusting long term care and relationships. 

2. To provide quotes prior to treatment commencing
We’re always happy to provide a quotation for your treatment. Unless there is a significant change to the treatment procedure required, we will stick to our quotation provided. 

3. To set fair fees
The Smile Team is not the cheapest nor the most expensive dental practice in our region, but the fee for service provided at The Smile Team will reflect the quality of the treatment and the level of customer service provided.

4. To be flexible when options are available
The Smile Team will always provide treatment alternatives and options to our patients to provide choices in treatment that doesn’t lock patients into the most expensive option.  We will provide personalized advice to you in this regards in terms of ideal and alternative treatment options.

At The Smile Team Balwyn North dentist our goal is to take wonderful care of our patients including providing the best value long term care for each patient.



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