Did you know that a lot can be known of the condition of a horse by checking the mouth of a horse? The same holds true for us humans. What are the dental signs that give the most clues to your age? What are the things that make you appear dentally younger?
Sporting manufacturers are constantly improving technologies to give you more boost in your run, or power behind golf swings in an ongoing pursuit to gain that few extra percentage points of performance. Read on to find out why wearing a customised mouthguard is not only smart but can actually improve your performance.
According to a survey of nearly 35,000 men and women, one of the biggest turnoffs on a date is bad breath. also names it as one of 3 Dating Deal Breakers by both men and women. No wonder then that it’s the source of relationship anxiety, and therefore kind of a big deal.
The Smile Team Balwyn North dentist would like to thank all our existing patients for their ongoing support throughout 2014! We hope everyone enjoys this very special time of the year with family and loved ones.
The 2014 Dental Health Week from 4-10th of August, supported by the Australian Dental Association is quickly approaching. It’s always a good opportunity to bring a little added attention to dental care in the general community. This year’s theme is of dental health on Babies and Toddlers dental health.
We're big on electric power toothbrushes at The Smile Team. It comes from regularly seeing some patients make big improvements to their cleaning simply by moving to an electric toothbrush from a manual one. In the past year, Colgate have introduced a product called the Colgate Omron Proclinical toothbrush. We share our experience with this toothbrush over the past few months.

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