We're big on electric power toothbrushes at The Smile Team. It comes from regularly seeing some patients make big improvements to their cleaning simply by moving to an electric toothbrush from a manual one. In the past year, Colgate have introduced a product called the Colgate Omron Proclinical toothbrush. We share our experience with this toothbrush over the past few months.
One of the ongoing controversies in dental care is the use of silver mercury amalgam fillings and restorations. Are these fillings any good? Are they harmful for your health?
In our last blog article we discussed how the amount of sugar in drinks can be surprising. Sports drinks in addition to having a high sugar content also are acidic, and are taken when the mouth is dehydrated with a lack of water to counter the sugar and acid. A real triple whammy for teeth. So what can you do to keep your teeth happy while you reach for your sporting goals?
How many teaspoons of sugar are in a can of coke? Would your guess be 2, 3 or maybe 4? Would you be surprised if we told you 10? Let's have a look at the amount of sugar present in some of the most common drinks available.
Of a big long list of products on your weekly grocery list, your dental care products takes you to the often brightly lit personal care aisle. It's a window into a very strategic and heavily marketed 32 billion dollar worldwide oral care products industry, with new products popping up regularly, plenty of promotions, as well as lots of catchy words and claims.
Do I have a power toothbrush? Yes. Am I very fussed by which model I have? Not really. Why? Because beyond having a power brush with the following key points, I know that most models are very similar. The next time you come across the many different types of power brushes at your electrical store/pharmacy, take note of the ones with the small round rotating heads. This is because research shows that only these small round rotating (oscillating) variety of power toothbrushes have consistently proven to be more beneficial than manual tooth brushing.

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